Dansk Træmel – a Danish quality brand

Dansk Træmel – a Danish quality brand

At Dansk Træmel, there is a wide range of speciality goods for several industries. Dansk Træmel offers high quality products that are organic. Furthermore, the products that are produced all steams from sustainable solutions, as Dansk Træmel cares for the environment.

For Dansk Træmel it is important to treat all customers with discretion, as a lot of our products are developed in a collaboration with the client themselves. However, frequently purchased products are for example manufacturing of polishing products, building materials, filtration of liquids and absorption products. It is always possible to develop ideas together with Dansk Træmel, so the consumers needing industry products, can find what they are looking for.

Furthermore, Dansk Træmel are suppliers of products such as for example raw materials, biofuel, mink products, smoke products and absorbent products. The products of Dansk Træmel can be used within several industries, as this brand is the producer of various pure and natural materials. This Danish brand take pride in being there for the customer, so the products that is manufactured here, is according to the clients wishes.

Since Dansk Træmel aspire to take good care of the environment and the nature, the products are certified with FSC and PEFC. The raw material is always PEFC certified and freshly made, to guarantee a high quality for the consumer. Dansk Træmel, also use eco-friendly products, so the environment gets affected as little as possible.

Dansk Træmel are very service minded and cares for the customer. Therefore, you should always feel free to contact if there are any questions or if you want to develop ideas of products to manufacture in a collaboration with Dansk Træmel. It is only your imagination that can stop the possibilities of your creation together with Dansk Træmel.